Index for Monitoring Reforms (iMoRe) aims to provide a comprehensive assessment of reform efforts by Ukraine’s authorities – the government, the President, the central bank and others. The main goal of the Index is to inform society about the speed and direction of Ukraine’s reforms. As each government body does its part of the job and coverage of reforms in media is limited to “hot” topics, such as lustration or anti-corruption legislation, there is lack of comprehensive information.  There is also little understanding in society as to the quality of the adopted measures.

The iMoRe tracks regulatory changes, which upon their successful implementation, will move the country forward towards (or backward from) the goal of a more efficient, more liberal and less corrupt state.  The Index is calculated once in two weeks based on an expert survey. Experts give their assessment to changes in legislation, which can be defined as reforms. For the purpose of this Index “reforms” are defined as actions which change principles of functioning of institutions or significantly affect behavior of economic agents. Experts evaluate regulatory acts, which came into force during the survey period or were adopted and will come into force on a specific date. Intentions, announcements, and bills adopted but not signed into law, are not evaluated. The Index does not assess implementation of legislative changes.

The index consists of five components tracking developments in respective areas*:

I1. Governance, including

  • Anti-corruption
  • Decentralization
  • Public administration
  • Provision of public services
  • Other in Governance

I2. Public Finance, including

  • Tax system
  • Social system & labour market
  • Public procurement
  • Effectiveness of public spending
  • Public debt management
  • Other in Public Finance

I3. Monetary System, including

  • Currency regulation
  • Capital markets
  • Banking sector
  • NBU Independence
  • Other in Monetary System

I4. Business Environment, including

  • Deregulation
  • Competition policy
  • Foreign trade
  • Corporate governance
  • Property rights
  • Other in Business Environment

I5. Energy, including

  • Energy Independence

*Note: Index breakdown was changed as of April 19, 2015 (Round 8). Areas Deregulation and Competition policy were extracted from component I1. Governance and Anti-Corruption and united with component I4. Foreign Trade. New component was named I4. Industrial Organization and Foreign Trade. Scores of all previous components and legislative acts were recalculated, according to the new breakdown.